Berita Kepri : The Best Cosplays From San Diego Comic Con

San Diego Comic Con Berita Kepri is the biggest and most famous excitement tradition on the planet, and consistently it draws a huge number of cosplayers and costumed superfans from everywhere throughout the world to Southern California for four days of imagination and fun. The current year’s con, which quite recently wrapped up on July 24th, was certainly not short on critical minutes.

On the off chance that you weren’t excessively diverted by Gal Gadot sweetly consoling a passionate youthful fan, or Lupita Nyong’o cheerfully commending a selective trailer for the up and coming Black Panther film with her castmates, you would have seen that Comic Con 2017’s cosplayers took their amusement to unheard of level this time around. Truly, some of these individuals appeared as though they strolled straight off a silver screen.

Try not to trust us? Look at it for yourself beneath, with each character’s anecdotal beginnings (if significant) named close by their name, just in the event that you’re somewhat hindered on your popular culture learning. Remember to vote in favor of your top choices!

  1. Night King, Game Of Trons

    Night King, Game Of Thrones

  2. The Madd Hatter, Alice in Wonderland – Berita Kepri Terkini Hari ini

    The Mad Hatter, Alice In Wonderland

  3.  Faun, Pan’s Labyrinth

    Faun, Pan's Labyrinth

  4.  Rey and Rey, Star Wars

    Rey And Rey, Star Wars







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