Best Baju Batik Wanita Cosplays Ever

Spiderman is perhaps one of the most iconic Marvel superheroes.  He is your friendly neighborhood slinging sensation.  When it comes to cosplay however, who do you think is the best Spiderman Cosplayer?  I know you probably have your own choice but for me I have two astonishing Spiderman cosplayers that I will introduce to you.

Arthur “The Baju Batik Wanita”

One of the administrators of Cosplay Against Bullying and head of Naruto Cosplayers USA, Arthur is your friendly neighborhood hero which helps those who are bullied.  Perhaps you can see him in cosplay conventions in the united states including – Indy Pop Con, Mega Con, Indiana Comic Con, Chicago Entertainment and Comic Expo, New York Comic Con, Wizard World Chicago and more.
We would like to share some videos from this awesome Spiderman Cosplayer.

Best Baju Batik Wanita Cosplays Ever

Hailing from the Philippines, Spider Dan is probably the coolest Spideman cosplayer in the Philippines.  I know there are tons of other spiderman cosplayers in the Philippines and I am not saying you are inferior, it is just that for me I really love how this cosplayer portray the character in a comical and entertaining way.

Spider Dan known as Dan Ramon Geromo is not only a cosplayer because he is also the bassist of the band Kiko Machine.  During the activeness of this band, he is already cosplaying as Spiderman at a time when cosplay is not yet a thing in the Philippines.  Here are some videos of Kiko Machine and watch out for Spider Dan.


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