Best Cosplay Costumes In 2017

Cosplay or costume play came about from Asian origins (Japan to be exact) but for the past decade or so, it is making headlines everywhere in the West particularly as we see more RPGs taking over the entertainment industry.

The growth in cosplay is seeing a massive boom, brought about by the usual culprit: social media itself. Rather than just play as the character, these no.1 fans want to be the character: dress like them, act and move like them, and pose like them in particular. Add a bit of photography skills, strategic lighting, Photoshop and you would have brought your favorite anime character, superhero, movie villain or game character to life! Today, we showcase the level of enthusiasm and spirit of these cosplayers who put so much effort into the costume details, as well as their photographers who put all their skills to the test to pull these characters out of their realm into ours.

1. Batman The Dark Knight – Joker

Why so serious? You’re so serious that your cosplay looks exactly like the real deal! That’s what we called ‘bloody genius’.

2. Bayonetta

Though Bayonetta possesses a more playful personality, the portrayed emotion fits perfectly in this cosplay. And full marks for the clothing.

3. Bayonetta – Rodin

He’s coming, and there’s nowhere you can run. This cosplay is the definition of the term, “bad-ass”.

4. Final Fantasy VII – Aerith

A memorable scene in Final Fantasy VII, rebuilt perfectly with a top-notch cosplayer and photographer. If there’s something for me to complain about this cosplay, I will say it is too perfect.

5. Final Fantasy VII AC – Cloud

This is probably the most realistic portrait of Cloud I’ve ever seen within the sea of cosplay photos.


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