Carnival Cosplay 2018 Takes the Road

This Carnival is going to be a distinct advantage as Josette James dispatches the main ever Cosplay band to take the street in the historical backdrop of Trinidad and Tobago. Cosplay is a constriction of the words ‘ensemble’ and ‘play’. Members (cosplayers) depict characters from film and TV, especially Japanese anime.

Since the 90s there has been an unfaltering increment in worldwide prevalence of the frame. Josette herself has been a piece of the cosplay scene for a long time now. She first began to look all starry eyed at the shape at the now-old Anime City occasion where she saw people dressed as characters from Samurai X, her most loved anime at the time.

At the point when Anime City shut in 2009, Josette saw an opportunity to fill the extremely clear void make with an occasion particularly for cosplay called Alias Cosplay Party. Since this first wander, Josette has extended her Alias image to center around four center regions – Anime, Cosplay, Gaming and Comics. They now deliver a yearly Alias Entertainment Expo, the biggest cosplay rivalry in the Anglophone Caribbean and the Project Alias TV program appeared on TV6. Moniker likewise keeps a social obligation order by going to schools with workshops from liveliness to mechanical autonomy to voice acting and there are plans to have sewing and outfit workshops.

Now, Josette adds Alias Mas to her portfolio with the release of the band the Mystical Realm. Mythical Realm comprises four sections Dragon (inspired by Game of Thrones), Camelot, The Dark Horde (World of Warcraft), the Council of Magic and the Fae (fairies).  Josette is also the lead designer on all sections except Camelot which is being designed by her business associate Natalia Henry.

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“Over the years we’ve gotten many requests to bring cosplay into Carnival. Cosplay means ‘costume play’ so it’s the perfect season. For many of the players, this will be their first time playing mas,” she told Loop.

While their online costumes and prices reflect the front-line offerings, Josette assures that she and her team are willing to work with players to craft their costumes in ways that don’t bust their pockets. As always, sponsorship has been an issue for the young entrepreneur. FLOW has faithfully been her only corporate sponsor however due to the economic climate even they had to pull out in 2017. Nonetheless, her major event was sold out with an audience of 2500 to 3000. This fact alone should say a lot to corporate entities about the gains potential of the brand, however, this is not the case.


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