Cosplay J-Fest at Nikkei Centre

It was a festival of everything J-pop facilitated by the Vancouver Anime Convention Society. J-Fest was a climax of being a fan for the love of most loved animes, mangas, diversions, and so forth. I got the opportunity to watch entertainers taiko drum, talk with nearby craftsmen in the Artist Alley/Dealer Room, and obviously, see an awesome number of neighborhood cosplayers. Basically, it was a one of a kind and exciting background!

The two-day occasion includes a large group of exercises for the entire family. There will be hand to hand fighting exhibitions, a Japanese tea function and an assortment of exhibitions, including two shows by vocalist Yuki Maeda, will’s identity flying from Japan for the event. Back by famous request is the ability appear. Previous victor A.C. Bonifacio of hip-bounce aggregate Lucky Aces went ahead to show up on The Ellen Show.

For the youths, there’s the children’s zone, which will have bounty to keep them occupied. There’s a Hello Kitty sand picture workshop, expand contorting, confront painting and then some.

In the garden, participants can watch the conveying of the Mikoshi compact holy place, Bon-odori moving around the Yagura tower or basically sit back with a cool one in the lager plant. With respect to grub, there will be 20 nourishment sellers on location (we prescribe the Japanese flapjacks).

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New this year is a signature session by the Vancouver Whitecaps’ Japanese striker, Masato Kudo, who was marked to the group last December. He’ll be meeting with fans on Sept. 4 amongst twelve and 1 p.m.

Lemire told the NOW the Nikkei Center began the occasion in 2013 on the grounds that there wasn’t much going ahead as far as a Japanese family celebration. It’s an extremely well known event in Japan. Customarily, it’s a function to thank, ask and celebrate the divine beings, precursors and Buddha.

“We’ve touched a nerve. We just went down that street and it was a pleasant method to end the mid year season,” he said. “Curiously enough, it’s extremely multicultural, being here in Burnaby. It gathers the consideration of the ethnicities that are here.”


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