Meet the Full-time Cosplayer, Lindsay Elyse


Profiting by doing what you cherish is THE fantasy, yet very few find the opportunity to live it. Meet the young ladies who’ve turned their energy for anime culture and video gaming into an all out vocation, finish with significant advantages.

To make sure you know, Lindsay Elyse’s bosoms are 100% genuine.

Her cleavage may look gravity opposing, however she needs you to be clear they’re all hers. “Individuals cherish boobs. I adore boobs. Boobs are pleasant!” she says. “Be that as it may, I am not only a monster boob.”

Without a doubt, Lindsay is one of only a handful couple of full time proficient cosplayers on the planet. A profession that she’s had for over 10 years.

“A couple of years prior, comic traditions and cosplay exploded, and being an expert cosplayer turned into a thing,” she said. “It’s my exclusive wellspring of salary.”

Furthermore, Lindsay knows how to work it. Through planning and wearing perfectly expound outfits – and displaying them in classy photograph shoots – she has made an army of fans. Which is the reason she gets addressed about her bosoms so consistently; a demonstration of her prominence and a pitiful remark about the condition of gamers today.

She will be in Paris mid October. There she’ll climb the Eiffel Tower, eat macaroons on Montmartre and bring a selfie with the Mona Lisa. For nothing. These excursions won’t cost her a penny. Truth be told, she’ll most likely profit from her ventures.

This is on the grounds that Amie – known as MissHabit to her 56,700 Instagram adherents and 305,646 facebook fans (as of September 29th 2015) is low maintenance proficient cosplayer. She routinely takes on the appearance of characters from Final Fantasy and Metal Gear for nerd traditions. Amie’s put over the most recent six years transforming her leisure activity into a wellspring of pay – which additionally helps subsidize her way through school. That is correct, she’s a third year news coverage understudy at the University of Arizona in Phoenix.


She looks rebel and scarily precise, yet how could she go from gaming young lady to ruler of the cosplay world?


Amie’s affection for cosplaying happened incidentally. She’d been quite a while enthusiast of videogames, yet had never thought of sprucing up till her companion requesting that her join their gathering outfits for Los Angeles’ Anime Expo.

The subject was Code Geass, and Amie went as C.C. the witch, finish with thick dark eyeliner and long green hair. She wore an outfit purchased from eBay.

The tradition was fun, and Amie cherished how individuals reacted to her ensemble. Be that as it may, she wasn’t a fanatic of the one-estimate fits all outfits, and chose to begin dealing with custom manifestations.

She began making her own particular outfits, showing herself how to sew and assemble prop firearms. She took a shot at a financial plan, utilizing Christmas wrapping paper to portray out her outlines and cut out examples, and she regularly utilizes PVC pipes and specialty froth pieces to make weapons and firearm props.

Also, uncommonly, this quirky side interest transformed into an unfaltering income. “It happened incidentally,” she revealed to The Hustle, “one of those bizarre bits of destiny that you never anticipate that will happen will you.”


Individuals began seeing her at traditions. Her scrupulousness, her vitality, and her eagerness for every one of that was nerdy. It was common. It wasn’t faked. It didn’t take ache for Amie to get drew nearer.

An outsider gave her their card as she strolled through the lobby. Might she want to advance their corner? This appeared to be insane to her; somebody would give her cash to go to occasions she adored? How might she say no?

To begin with, the compensation wasn’t incredible – “like a day rate, a low day rate” she stated, however the solicitations began heaping up.

Be that as it may, why not utilize models? “It’s more valid than enlisted help,” Amie stated, “Cosplayers adore what they do.”

Furthermore, individuals devote time for things they cherish. There’s the outlining, the arranging, the purchasing of materials, the hours with the paste firearm and splash paint. It’s diligent work. At an extend Amie could make one out of two days, if it’s simply sewing (like her Eva Metal Gear Solid ensemble) however anything with reinforcement – which she favors – takes anyplace from seven days to two months. Amie doesn’t see cosplay as a full time vocation way. “I need to be known for more than this,” she said. “I would prefer not to try too hard.” Her fantasy work is working in gaming PR, and helping organizations make sense of how to achieve more individuals. For the time being, cosplay is her brilliant ticket, an energy that lets her venture to the far corners of the planet, going to traditions and playing spruce up for money. A few organizations need her to dress in outfit, others ask for that she wears their shirts.


Why are brands burning through $1000’s on cosplayers?


What’s the advantage for the brands that contract her? In September 2015 at the inaugural TwitchCon in San Francisco, Lynn took a shot at DeepSilver’s corner, conversing with participants and wearing a dark tee and pants. Just her thick green hair and diamante feline headband recognized her as THE Amie Lynn, Cosplayer specialist.

Be that as it may, even less her Final Fantasy get up, Amie can draw a group. She posted an eight-second video revealing to her Facebook fans she was there; so far it has 2129 perspectives, and 249 preferences. What’s more, numerous corner guests asked for selfies and pictures with her – that is local promoting at work.

What’s more, quite recently her being there is useful for DeepSilver (who have not reacted to a demand for input). Amie’s work at their corner (12-4pm, Friday and Saturday) prompted various media spots, all which referenced DeepSilver and talked about their new amusements. That is a reasonable win for the brand.

Organizations she has worked with incorporate MadCatz (which took her to Tokyo) and DeepSilver (took her to San Franciso).


The full-time cosplayer : Lindsay Elyse


Right now Lindsays’ hair is pale to the point that it looks silver under the neon lights of TwitchCon, the San Francisco based tradition for Twitch streamers. This influences her eyes to pop, giving her an anime like appearance, huge eyes, light hair, pale face. What’s more, this is purposeful; cosplaying has been Lindsay’s full-time gig for the most recent decade and she knows how to function a room.

Lindsay is real to life about how she settles on her vocation decision work. It’s tied in with uniting, and having an overwhelming online networking nearness. She runs a bustling Facebook, Twitter and instagram page, and has held a Reddit AMA that got 796 remarks.

How about we separate her wage streams

Lindsay’s wage falls into five classifications:

  • Appearance charges
  • Travel stipends
  • Demonstrating work associated with cosplay
  • Items gave to her to work
  • Benefits from offering printed/marked photos and stock

Most cosplayers are modest about uncovering their correct numbers, so we sourced some from industry specialists. Cosplay Photographer Don McCaskill said that a low day rate is $75 to $300 for a cosplayer. In any case, for the “best cosplayers” he disclosed to The Hustle that somewhere in the range of $50,000 to $100,000 is conceivable, however this applies to around eight individuals. Extra demonstrating occupations can pull in $10,000 – $20,000.

Furthermore, a great deal of wage originates from stock deals. McCaskill gauges that “best level” cosplayers may make around $70-125,000 a year. Separating this, if a cosplayer goes to 26 traditions per year and offers 100 prints (a low number) every end of the week for $20, that is $52,000 a year. Less costs (cosmetics, gear, photography shoots) that sounds really sweet. Also, this is North America. The Asian market is significantly bigger and some of its stars – like Alodia Gosiengfiao (5 million or more facebook fans) may effectively pull in a high six-figure wage.

Lindsay’s finding real success, and her popularity has prompted some enormous joint efforts with brands. Her latest is unified with ZQGames, where she played Celestia.

Lindsay’s expenses are for the most part for outfits. Costs shift, contingent upon many-sided quality. Her most loved outfit, Game of Thrones Cersei Lannister cost $200 (and didn’t offer many prints). For this she utilized upholstery texture at $30 a yard. ” I sense that I typify her exceptionally well: I don’t need to grin and I can simply glower at everybody and imagine I couldn’t care less.”

On an ordinary day Lindsay awakens in the vicinity of nine and twelve. She downs some espresso, 40% espresso, 60% half and half, and begins pushing through her messages. And afterward she gets the chance to chip away at her next ensemble, something that takes up the majority of her chance. In the event that she’s inclination hungry she snacks on Doritos (her top pick) and Guinness is the thing that she loosens up with. Her normal work week is 60+ hours.

This is part into transportation prints, online networking and dealing with new cosplay outfits. She as of late enlisted three individuals to help her with delivery; individuals to pack, mark and mail out her stuff to fans.

Web-based social networking is everything for her

Her details :

  • 660,953 Facebook fans
  • 71,500 Twitter devotees
  • 16,335 YouTube supporters
  • 77,890 Twitch devotees
  • 217,000 Instagram devotees

Lindsay is productive in refreshing her profiles and she gets an awesome reaction from her fans.

What’s more, to keep her substance stream occupied she needs to buckle down, influencing new ensembles to style to and photo.


Her closet


Following a time of cosplaying, Lindsay’s closet equals that of Sex and the City’s Carrie. Crazy and unattainable. In any case, not every person of her outfits has made it. She’s a sharp upcycling, re-utilizing outfit parts in her new outlines. Her Ariel cosplay utilizes her Margaery Tyrell skirt.

Lindsay’s energy is stamped on her body as tattoos. A little lightsaber on her finger, a Tron logo on her wrist, a Kingdom Hearts crown and XIII over her elbow a swarm image her foot, and verses from Bring Me the Horizons on her abs. This young lady knows how to submit.


So how would you turn into a full-time cosplayer?


Lindsay focuses on that her cosplay vocation comes from her intimate romance of geekdom, beginning with her adolescence of playing Life Force on the NES.

This prompted encounters on consoles and PC gaming, and a deep rooted energy for Warcraft and Kingdom Hearts. After she began making her own ensembles for occasions, she understood how popular hers slaughters were; a young lady who is energetic about amusements and get a kick out of the chance to take on the appearance of characters is a genuine showcasing apparatus.

Energy, validness and hotness. Winning combo, isn’t that so? She’s resolved that she just work with organizations where she loves the recreations. “I need to have the capacity to nerd out with fans!” she stated, “Not to resemble ummmm I don’t play any Bethesda recreations.”


In any case, to turn a benefit you should be clever and social


Systems administration is critical, Lindsay says, it’s tied in with interfacing with different cosplayers and huge organizations: being truly dynamic with refreshes. What’s more, associating with her fans. At TwitchCon she brought heaps of selfies with participants, and presented them on her Twitter page. She was an early adopter of Twitch, acknowledging how spilling could help manufacture her image. She now has 77,820 adherents on Twitch with over a million preferences.

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Lindsay is interested in various methods for adapting her image, and is adaptable with organizations. She says that business people need a tough skin. “Simply couldn’t care less” is her recommendation. She says you have to simply continue going – recall, the web is a pitiless and malevolent place for a young lady in a swimming outfit best and mythical being ears.


The future for full-time cosplayers


Lindsay and Amie both perceive that they can’t cosplay always, and see themselves moving into a profession on the gaming scene; a place they as of now have a solid a dependable balance. “I know I need to grow up in the end and can’t circled in outfit always,” says Lindsay.. be that as it may, insofar as individuals continue tapping on her photographs she has a long run still ahead.

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