Sanrio Puroland Tokyo will Held a Halloween Cosplay Party For the First Time



Tokyo, Japan – As of late Halloween festivities have been on the ascent likewise in Japan. On Oct 3 and the end of the week paving the way to it, costumed youngsters and grown-ups accumulate in Tokyo’s downtown zones, for example, Shibuya, Harajuku and Roppongi to parade and celebrate together.

Sanrio Puroland, otherwise called Hello Kitty Land Tokyo, has propelled another occasion for its overall fan base. Running until Oct 31, Hello Kitty Land will have the “Puro Halloween Party” as its extraordinary fall occasion this year.

The daytime occasion offers Halloween themed attractions with characters including Hello Kitty and My Melody cosplaying as witches and phantoms. Cosplay stock indicating pictures of Sanrio characters and face stickers will be accessible for procurement. Guests are welcome to spruce up and bring critical Halloween pictures with their most loved Sanrio characters.




Likewise with past occasions, Hello Kitty Land will give it a unique “Japanese touch” consolidating Halloween with components of the inexorably famous Japanese cosplaying society. With a specific end goal to offer guests drawing in and fluctuated exercises Puroland’s indoor amusement stop has outlined parallel running daytime and evening occasions titled “Cosplay amid the day! Shout around evening time!”

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For the term of this Halloween occasion, the Hello Kitty Land sustenance court and eateries will offer selective Halloween roused menus, for example, “Cinnamoroll Ranger Curry” and “Purin’s Halloween Party Parfait”, Kentaro Kawai of the Puroland Sales Department of Sanrio Entertainment Co Ltd, the enterprise working Sanrio Puroland, states, “Halloween is initially an Anglo-American occasion to praise the collect and avoid awful spirits, yet as of late in Japan, it has turned out to be known as an occasion related with cosplaying and is progressively prominent among the two youngsters and grown-ups. We need our Hello Kitty Land guests to encounter a one of a kind Japanese form of Halloween and have the capacity to appreciate cosplaying with their most loved Kitty Land characters. This is something just to be experienced here at Puroland.”

By differentiate the evening time occasion has a totally unique air. Hi Kitty shows up as “Apparition Kitty” and “Vampire Kitty”. Besides, amid the parade, which is open for visitors to participate, “Cinnamoroll Ranger” and “Puro Ranger” groups including Hello Kitty and My Melody, will fight off “phantoms” with the assistance of visitors.


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