Self-Taught Polish Cosplayer Who Can be Everything

Clean SFX cosmetics craftsman and cosplayer Justyna Sosnowska can be anybody. The self-trained Sosnowska, who passes by the name Sosenka, has as of late been pleasing the interwebs with her staggering and imaginative cosplays.


Self-Taught Polish Cosplayer


As per Sosenka’s Patreon (which as of now has criminally couple of benefactors), she has just been busy for a long time, however her yield is out and out fabulous. “The anecdotal world is an awesome wellspring of motivation for me, as a few regions [sic] of our existence,” she says in her profile.


Self-Taught Polish Cosplayer


“It’s an intriguing thing to consider distinctive characters’ appearances, detail by detail, and endeavor to depict them utilizing my face as a canvas.” Sosenka says she got into cosplay in the wake of concentrate a couple of procedures “for the sake of entertainment” and has now completely devoted herself completely to her enthusiasm.


Self-Taught Polish Cosplayer


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She now has more than 300,000 devotees on Facebook and says she made the Patreon to help her costly SFX propensity. She is likewise striving to keep building up her abilities and is imparting her outcomes to the world.

Her range is unbelievable, covering a wide assortment of characters from anime, Hollywood and TV. Here she is looking genuinely typical as Dragonball Z’s “Android 18”:


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