This Game of Thrones Cosplay Bear Out Father-Son Bond

Welcome to Hero Makeover, our video arrangement where proficient outfit fashioners and cosmetics craftsmen change genuine legends into their most loved characters.


Game of Thrones Cosplay


A father named David is our legend in Episode 4. At 6’8″ tall, David got a handle on ungainly and of place before finding cosplay. By depicting his most loved characters from film and TV, he’s ready to commend his tallness, and in Hero Makeover’s fourth scene, we enable him to impart this enthusiasm to his child, Max. See David and Max cosplay as The Hound—and “The Pup”— from HBO’s Game of Thrones in the video player above.

Make certain to take after Hero Makeover on Facebook on the off chance that you need to get every scene before it pretense in the weeks following on IGN, our applications, and spots like YouTube. The arrangement is voiced by Jennifer Hale, the productive voice on-screen character who’s dealt with various computer game establishments, including Baldur’s Gate, Mass Effect, Metal Gear Solid, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

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Scene 5 as of late appeared on Facebook, and is about a transgender female from St. Louis named Alexa. Through cosplay, Alexa has discovered certainty and possessed the capacity to serenely show up out in the open as a female. Watch the scene beneath to see Alexa’s cosplay change into D.VA from Overwatch.


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