What-to-know in Phoenix Fan Fest 2017

As the name suggests, Phoenix Fan Fest is intended for being a fan — meaning an affection for anything doing with comic books, ensembles, kid’s shows, collectibles, and characters. This quirky topic will be commended at the two-day occasion, which happens on Saturday, November 11, and Sunday, November 12, at the Phoenix Convention Center.

It will likewise highlight big names, cosplayers, and comic craftsmen alike, also a genuinely geeky vibe. To put it plainly, it’s a monstrous nerd fest, particularly in an indistinguishable soul from its sister occasion, Phoenix Comicon. Fan Fest is put on by nearby organization Square Egg Entertainment, the people who additionally deliver Comicon every year. Be that as it may, as indicated by representative Kristin Rowan, Fan Fest is an alternate kind of creature.


Phoenix Fan Fest 2017


“It will have a more private feel to it. What’s more, significantly more of a nearby vibe with more neighborhood makers and creators,” she says. “It’s likewise to a greater extent a nostalgic show, a collectibles appear, a geekier appear.”Coordinators have endeavored to separate Fan Fest from its huge sister since propelling in 2014. The initial two years were at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, for example, while a year ago’s occasion included to a greater degree an emphasis on proficient wrestling being a fan.

“We’re continually attempting new things with Fan Fest,” Rowan says. “It’s continually developing and evolving.” What’s more, the current year’s Fan Fest will incorporate a lot of wistfulness, as showed by huge numbers of its big name visitors. “In the event that you take a gander at our list of attendees, we have the children from [Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory], Ernie Hudson from Ghostbusters, Mara Wilson from Matilda and Mrs. Doubtfire,” Rowan says. “So it truly is about the works of art.”

Other exceptional visitors incorporate voice performing artists from kid’s shows like Steven Universe and Bravest Warrior, and also a couple of science fiction/dream character on-screen characters. Fan Fest 2017 will likewise incorporate a nearby concentration, especially with regards to the craftsmen and sellers in the exhibitor corridor. “We have all these neighborhood specialists, makers, and organizations with their works available to be purchased and in plain view,” Rowan says. “It has a touch of something for everything.”


Phoenix Fan Fest 2017


Square Egg will utilize another wristband framework at Fan Fest instead of the identifications utilized at past occasion. Every wristband will contain a RFID (or radio recurrence distinguishing proof) chip, which will be filtered upon section. “In the event that you ignore it a peruser, it emits a sound that the RFID wristband band is true blue, that it has been initiated, and it’s useful for that show,” Rowan says.

The current year’s Fan Fest will likewise be contained inside one zone: the lower level exhibitor lobby of the Phoenix Convention Center’s North Building. All exercises, occasions, and attractions will be situated in the tremendous L-molded room that ordinarily houses only the merchants at Phoenix Comicon consistently.

Rowan says coordinators felt it would make things less demanding for participants to have everything in one particular spot, rather than spread out over the whole building. “We needed to make it truly simple for individuals to get in,” she says. “Everything is in there: the greater part of the programming, the display lobby, the majority of the visitors, everything.”

Security likewise assumed a part in the choice, Rowan says. Truly, it’s turned into a factor for a significant number of Square Egg’s choices after a shooter was captured with a substantial store of weapons at the current year’s Phoenix Comicon in May. Because of the episode, each Fan Fest participant will experience security screenings before entering, including the utilization of metal indicators and sack checks.


Phoenix Fan Fest 2017


Having everything in one zone, Rowan says, will enable coordinators and security to protect the occasion while constraining a portion of the bother. “Once they’re through security, the whole zone is secure,” she says. “So they can go from programming to the show corridor, take a seat and enjoy a reprieve, motivate a remark, all without leaving the protected range and won’t need to experience security various circumstances.”

Another result of the occurrence in May was a restriction on many prop weapons, including copy or artificial guns, at Square Egg occasions. Notwithstanding, Rowan says that coordinators will release up the limitations to a degree for Fan Fest. “When we initially put out the prop strategy, it was genuinely prohibitive,” she says. “We’ve invested a ton of energy amongst Comicon and now working with the tradition focus to ensure that our security refreshes are set up and that everything is set so we can permit more props.”

So what will and won’t be permitted? We’ve incorporated every one of the points of interest in the accompanying far reaching manual for Phoenix Fan Fest 2017, which additionally includes a summary of everything else you have to think about the occasion.

  • At the point when and Where: Phoenix Fan Fest 2017 is on Saturday, November 11, and Sunday, November 12, in the North Building of the Phoenix Convention Center, 100 North Third Street. Everything will happen inside the exhibitor corridor on the lowel level of the building.
  • Hours of Operation: Activities and occasions will keep running from 10:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. on Saturday and from 10:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. on Sunday. The exhibitor corridor will open at 10 a.m. both days.
  • Costs: Single-day affirmation is $15 for Saturday or $20 for Sunday. On the off chance that you’d get a kick out of the chance to spend the entire end of the week at Fan Fest, it’s $30 for the “full occasion enrollment.”
  • Age Limits: The occasion is interested in all ages and will be family neighborly. Kids up to age 12 are free.
  • Climate: Expect incompletely shady skies consistently and temperatures in the mid-80s amid the day.
  • Arriving: As with any occasion in downtown Phoenix, we prescribe taking the light rail. There are stations inside strolling separation from the tradition focus – including one practically around the bend at Third and Washington roads – and passages are reasonable ($2 for one ride, $4 for a throughout the day ticket).

In case you’re traveling via auto, take Interstate 17 or Interstate 10 to Seventh Street and head either north or south until the point when you get to Washington. You’ll discover signs guiding you to both close-by stopping or drop-off regions outside the tradition focus.

  • Stopping: Street stopping, on the off chance that you can locate an open space, is $1 to $1.50 every hour between 8 a.m. also, 10 p.m. day by day. In the event that you’d get a kick out of the chance to stop at a carport, that’ll run you somewhere in the range of $5 to $30 for the whole day, contingent upon the area. (Fan Fest coordinators have an exceptional page highlighting various stopping alternatives and a couple of specials.)

Obviously, you could likewise utilize one of the 11 diverse stop and-ride parts around the Valley and utilize the light rail.

  • Getting Around: Pedicabs will be accessible in downtown, just in the event that you’d get a kick out of the chance to spare some strolling to and from the auto. They ordinarily keep running on tips and will cost you $10 to $30, contingent upon the separation voyaged. Some may have the capacity to take plastic.

There are additionally taxicabs and ride-sharing administrations, obviously, and in addition a couple of Grid Bike Share centers adjacent.

  • Enrollment and Wristbands: Attendees can buy confirmation on location or get their RFID wristbands from the enlistment region on the North Building’s lower level. It’s open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday and from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. on Sunday.

Wristbands will be secured with one of those unbreakable plastic latches and should be worn constantly amid the occasion. Coordinators prescribe enlisting your wristbands on the web, which will interface it to whatever photograph operations, signatures, and different things or administrations you’ve pre-acquired. (It will make the way toward getting them simpler.) Note: Only the individuals who enroll will be permitted to acquire a substitution wristband in the event that they lose it.

  • Getting Inside and Dealing With Security: Rowan says that each participant must have a wristband examined and experience a security screening to enter the occasion. Metal locators will be utilized and pack checks will be led. Pat downs will just occur in specific cases, similar to benefactors who have metal inserts or prostheses.

Rowan says that bringing an unmistakable pack “will help accelerate the procedure.” There will likewise be a different line for those without sacks. “Generally, it’s quite recently going [to be] the wandings and pack checks,” she says. There will likewise be a prop-check station before every security checkpoint where nearby law requirement and occasion staff will decide whether your things can be brought inside. Talking about which …

  • Props: As we specified, Fan Fest coordinators have extricated up confinements on specific props and prop weapons. Marginally.

“I feel like we’ve opened up the potential outcomes for many individuals to have the capacity to get the props that they’ve needed,” Rowan says. “There are quite recently something we’re not going to have the capacity to change.” So what’s permitted? Lightsabers are cool, as are sonic screwdrivers, wands, or even your Pip-Boy. Bolts are additionally alright – if they don’t have tips or can’t be expelled from your quiver – as are bows, however just if unstrung or totally inoperable.

Bats, clubs, and monster hammers (like Harley Quinn’s sledge) will be allowed, however just if such things are produced using lightweight materials, similar to froth or gentler plastics. In the event that you need to transform your bat into Negan’s “Lucille” with some security fencing or Stranger Things’ Demogorgon Killer with nails and jolts, ensure those aren’t genuine and are made of also lightweight materials.


Phoenix Fan Fest 2017


Shields and defensive layer are additionally alright, given each is produced using froth, plastic, fiberglass, cardboard, and tar or comparable material. It’s additionally cool on the off chance that they’re produced using metal, insofar as there are no sharp edges. Simply remember that it will probably back off security and staff amid they’re screenings, winning you the disdain of those behind you.

Every single other prop, with the special cases of imitation guns, will be permitted if made with plastic, sap, create froths, cardboard, thermoplastics, paper, and other stuff that is lightweight. Anything inflatable is great, as well. Things like swords, tomahawks, and Wolverine paws can be conveyed to Fan Fest, yet just on the off chance that they don’t have sharp edges or are produced using wood, metal, or hard plastic.

What else is restricted? Anything that resembles a gun, weapon, gun, or bazooka, regardless of the possibility that it’s obviously a prop or cartoonish as can be. Period. That goes twofold for real guns. Genuine or mimicked explosives or ammo (counting toon bombs, slugs, projectiles, mine, explosive, or firecrackers) are for the most part verboten. Same for pepper shower, mace, airhorns, shrieks, noisemakers, tasers, airhorns, glass and stone props, slingshots, and metal knucks.

Coincidentally, security and law implementation will have the last approach whether any thing is adequate.

  • What Else to Bring: Some money, your ID, great strolling shoes, a completely charged cellphone, several jugs of water, a reasonable pack, camera, programming guide, and an ensemble or some likeness thereof.
  • Nourishment and Drink: Fan Fest participants can bring a specific measure of sustenance and refreshments into the occasion. Past that, the tradition focus includes a nine-eatery sustenance court on the fundamental floor of the North Building and a modest bunch of snack bars in the exhibitor’s lobby. Furthermore, downtown has a various choice of eateries, bistros, and bars inside strolling separation.
  • Water: Drink some heretofore. Have progressively when you get to the occasion and have a container with you while looking at everything.

Essentially, you’ll need to have water at consistent interims for the duration of the day, particularly in case you’re strolling around. Genuine, it ain’t the mid year and temperatures may be more sensible right now, yet lack of hydration can strike year-round. Merchants and snack bars will have water available to be purchased and water fountains spot the tradition focus.

  • Exhibitor Hall: According to the Fan Fest site, more than 300 merchants (a large number of them neighborhood) will be at the occasion. What’s more, they’ll be auctioning and flaunting everything from funnies, toys, and gaming things to adornments, clothing, and costuming. Photograph operations and signature sessions will likewise happen toward one side of the exhibitor corridor and a “Craftsman’s Alley” will overflow with creatives from around the Valley and crosswise over Arizona.
  • Costuming and Cosplay: Fan Fest will have a ton of both. Truth be told, it’s one of the greater draws of the occasion. In the event that you have one, by all methods wear it. In the event that you’d like some costuming-related tips or help, a few boards committed to the specialty of cosplay are arranged.

Cosplay meetups and photograph operations will be in wealth, and six expert cosplayers – including AmberSkies, Courtney Leigh, and Aime and Lance Jaze – will be around to answer your inquiries. The Fan Fest outfit challenge will occur from 7 to 8:30 p.m. on Saturday in Panel Area 1.

Programming and Activities: Yes, there will programme during the time at Phoenix Fan Fest. What’s more, as per Rowan, quite a bit of it will happen in six distinctive board territories situated on one side of the exhibitor lobby. “There will be walled-off areas of the corridor where each of the boards will happen,” she says. That incorporates any of the Q&A spotlight sessions with unique visitors happening both days.

Rowan says there will be occasions you can either look as an observer, (for example, talks and boards) or participate as a member, similar to the many diversion demonstrate like rivalries and challenges. “It resembles incidental data fights and Family Feud-sort stuff,” she says. “One is called ‘Umm, Actually,’ where nerds get the opportunity to demonstrate the amount they know when we give them false incidental data and they need to amend it.”

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Some of it will be propelled by a portion of the unique visitors. For example, the Ghostbusters Monster Parade or an introduction about frequented items and antiques out of appreciation for Ernie Hudson. There will likewise be a meal of Captain Jack Sparrow and privateer narrating sessions, both propelled by the reality Kevin McNally from Pirates of the Caribbean will be at the occasion. The full Fan Fest timetable can be found here.

  • Exceptional Guests: An aggregate of 47 extraordinary visitors are planned to show up at the current year’s Fan Fest and will go from performers and on-screen characters to comic book makers and writers.

Remarkable names incorporate Matilda star Mara Willson, Ernie Hudson from Ghostbusters, Mallory Jansen of Galavant, Galaxy Quest’s Jed Rees, and Kevin McNally of Pirates of the Caribbean. The kid stars of 1973’s Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory will be in participation, as will a couple of voice performers from Steven Universe and an assortment of nearby master cosplayers.

Likewise Keep in Mind: It will be a bustling end of the week, and Rowan prescribes looking at the programming calendar and preparing. “A portion of the boards cover with the VIP [appearances] and photograph operations, so it’s great to arrange for where you need to be,” she says. “Also, simply plan to come and spend a day truly investigating everything.”

Similar to the standard for any enormous nerd occasion, lines can and will unavoidably happen. So make certain to have a lot of persistence when sitting tight for sellers or arranging for boards. What’s more, please abstain from being frightening or impolite to cosplayers, ask before taking their photographs, and bear the cost of them a lot of regard. Goodness, and keep in mind to have a ton of fun while you’re busy.


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