Which Do You Prefer? Make a Cosplay Costume or Buying it?


An inquiry that flies up a considerable measure on cosplay gatherings is “should I make or purchase this outfit?” and the appropriate responses are truly partitioned. In all actuality, there is nobody respond in due order regarding this inquiry.

It’s not generally less expensive to make your own outfit, and it isn’t generally simpler to get it! Regardless of whether you should make or purchase an ensemble truly relies upon a pack of elements including time, spending plan and sewing capacity. So I will contrast purchasing an ensemble with making one, ideally I’ll have the capacity to scatter a few myths and enable individuals to choose.

This is a speedy manual for beginning with a cosplay, it is composed to enable first time to ensemble creators to begin on their first task. I regularly observe individuals requesting help regarding this matter, so I composed it for them.


Purchasing A Costume


Purchasing an ensemble has been the friend in need of the individuals who can’t sew. You go on the web and discover a magistrate or a store and they do all the work. However there is dependably a hazard when purchasing on the web, you never recognize what you will get or in the event that you will even get it. There are a considerable measure of positives and negatives of web based purchasing, and I will experience them.



The cost of a purchased ensemble is for the most part computed with this recipe:

Work/Time costs + Fabric/Material Costs + Shipping Costs + Bonus*

Individuals contend that purchasing an ensemble costs more than making since you are paying for their work and time. I oppose this idea. I think shipping is the thing that influences it to cost more since it is something you would not encounter when making the outfit yourself.


Cosplay Stores

You ought to be watchful about estimating when purchasing from a cosplay store, in light of the fact that occasionally the costs are considerably higher than something might be worth.It is constantly great to contrast costs and different destinations previously committing.The cost may likewise mirror the quality, so in the event that it is an exceptionally itemized outfit yet is much lower than different sites, at that point it is no doubt made with low quality textures.

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Cosplay stores for the most part mass deliver outfits and offer them at a lower cost. They for the most part have a set gathering of ensembles they will make, however have an assortment of sizes. These stores have a set cost for their outfits, and it comes as is – they won’t make a particular changes (ex. changing the sort of texture.) Buying from a cosplay store is generally less expensive than purchasing from a magistrate since they purchase texture in mass (in this manner texture/material expenses are lower) and mass create outfits (so work/time costs are lower). Outfits tend to begin around $80 yet can go above $300 relying upon the ensemble’s subtle elements.

(Underneath) Namine has an exceptionally basic dress made of generally shoddy material, I truly think $135.00 is a strange cost for it. The second is much more sensible, however might be deficient in quality



If you don’t mind take note of, that many cons have outfit challenges in light of craftmanship. So in the event that you purchase your outfit, at that point you won’t have the capacity to participate in these challenges. On the off chance that you make a specific percent of your ensemble (it fluctuates, so check you con’s site for points of interest) and commission the rest, (for example, influence the outfit, to commission a wig) at that point you may in any case have the capacity to contend.

Can’t sew, cast, utilize apparatuses? Don’t worry about it! Purchasing an outfit implies you can cosplay with no capacity to make an ensemble at all, since you are basically paying somebody to make it for you. So no capacity is required.




Costs from chiefs tend to go contingent upon their expertise, what number of different ventures they have, how quick they can work, how modest they can get the material. To discover how much an ensemble costs you have to request a quote from the official. Much the same as with cosplay stores, you should look around and request that numerous chiefs think about costs.

Magistrates are generally cosplayers themselves, hoping to profit (or even help themselves) with their interest. Outfits are hand crafted for the individual who requests thus you can ask for particular changes, for example, a more drawn out skirt or distinctive shaded strip. While they might be more exact, the procedure takes longer and for the most part costs more since texture is purchased for the task – not in mass.



Purchasing on the web dependably has its dangers since you can’t see the genuine thing until the point that it arrives. Infrequently eBay dealers take cosplayer photographs and utilize them to promote their outfits, so what you see is not generally what you get. Magistrates may have an awesome exhibition yet may not invest a similar exertion on your ensemble. There is likewise the hazard that it will lose all sense of direction via the post office, arrive late, or never touch base by any means.



Be that as it may in the event that you require an ensemble immediately, at that point it may not land on time. Since ensembles may take for a little while to make on the off chance that they are being specially crafted, and they likewise require a significant stretch of time to send (while a few spots it takes 5-10 business days it might take 10-20 days when transporting abroad!) unless you pay for speedier delivery. So in the event that you are intending to purchase, ensure you do it early with the goal that your outfit can be made, sent and touch base on time! Continuously check a vender’s transportation times, and in the event that you have a particular date when you require it – let your official know.

When purchasing an ensemble you spare yourself a great deal of time since you don’t need to stay there making it. Regardless of the possibility that an ensemble is basic and may just take a day to do, that is still a great deal of time that a few people don’t have! The main time you contribute is hunting around down a decent place to purchase from.




The exactness and nature of an ensemble fluctuates from store to store and official to magistrate. Normally lower evaluated outfits are less precise and lower quality, however this is not generally the situation.



Exactness and quality is a bet, unless you can see and feel it face to face, (for example, purchasing an ensemble at a con) however since most commissions and stores are on the web, you for the most part need to chance it. On the off chance that you are questionable you can simply request extra photographs from a store, or data on the texture utilized. You can approach an official for advance pictures and data on the texture they utilize. Keep in mind, you are the person who winds up with the outcome, so on the off chance that you have questions ask them!

Magistrates are influencing the outfit starting with no outside help so you to can reveal to them how exact you need the ensemble to be. Since they are normally cosplayers themselves they generally realize what texture to dodge and how to do all the little points of interest. This is not generally the situation! Continuously check through a chief’s portfolio or photograph exhibition to perceive what other stuff they have made for themselves as well as other people. I have seen officials who make stuff with glossy silk and paint, with chaotic sewing and hanging strings.


Cosplay Stores

Glossy silk (beneath) is a tremendous guilty party with regards to low quality ensembles. It looks great in some lighting however for the most part looks shoddy. It is likewise simple to shred and the creases tend to group up. By and large it’s alluded to as “glossy silk = satan” as a result of how terrible it is.

Cosplay stores are a hit and miss, they may offer astonishing, point by point, great quality ensembles yet in the meantime have a low quality, mistaken outfit in a similar store. Keep in mind these are mass-created generally, so they need to make however much as could reasonably be expected, rapidly and inexpensively.

There are great ensemble sold by stores, you simply need to do some hunting down them. When searching for a decent quality ensemble from a store you ought to dependably have a reference photo of the outfit accessible to think about. You ought to likewise take a gander at very close perspectives of the outfit if conceivable, to perceive what the texture and lines resemble. On the off chance that it looks messy –, for example, hanging strings, off base, or it just looks awful general at that point do some hunting down an alternate outfit.

Cosplay stores more often than not have these low quality ensembles since individuals will get them in view of the low cost, and as a rule the purchaser does not know much about great material or rushes to act and doesn’t consider precision.

Making a Cosplay


Influencing an outfit to can be distressing now and again and it can turn out to be quite hard to influence props, to style wigs, and sew an ensemble (or fabricate an outfit) without anyone else! It is additionally extremely fulfilling, you can state you influenced it if individuals to ask and you can participate in the craftsmanship challenges. On the off chance that you have the capacity and time to make your own particular outfit I exceedingly sugguest it, it’s awesome to have finish control over your ensemble’s result.



Cost changes relying upon the outfit you influence, how shoddy you to can get the materials, and what number of slip-ups you make (in the event that you commit numerous errors you may need to get more texture and re-do the entire thing!). It likewise relies upon what the outfit is as well, a basic ensemble could undoubtedly be under $100 where a full-out mech suit is unquestionably finished $100. I’ve seen individuals make outfits for as low as $10 and as high as finished $2000 (truth be told, Volpin’s Big Daddy Bioshock Cosplay sold for $2,000 USD on eBay). My own range has been between $50 CND and $500 CND.

So is it less expensive to make it yourself? More often than not it is, on the grounds that you don’t need to pay for extra costs like sending, or pay for the work since you give it yourself. Be that as it may, not at all like when purchasing from an official or a store, you don’t get an in advance cost. You can evaluate it at being a cost of $100 however the seemingly insignificant details include en route, it may be $100 to begin yet you could without much of a stretch spend more since you required to a greater extent a specific thing, overlooked a piece, or something fizzled.

Be that as it may, since these expenses are after some time it is less strain on your wallet. In the event that you prepare you could put $10 seven days toward a cosplay and inside several months have enough to everything! This is one reason it regards prepare!



Making an outfit is definately a period waster! You should prepare for each outfit since you need to go out and purchase the materials, set aside the opportunity to cut, stick, sew, paint, style, fabricate, and so on. While it is conceivable to make an outfit in a day relying upon how straightforward it is, a few ensembles may take a very long time to assemble! For somebody with a bustling calendar and a need for a point by point outfit, making the cosplay won’t not be a choice due to the measure of time it takes.



Making an outfit expects you to have some capacity sewing, assembling, or making. Most ensembles can be made by changing sewing designs, which give you guidelines on the best way to make it, yet a few examples are troublesome and may be troublesome for an unpracticed sewer with no one to help them. Moreover, a few things are significantly more troublesome than simply sewing and may require extra devices to do. For instance, working with wood for a prop as a rule requires devices and the capacity to utilize those devices. These abilities all can be scholarly, you can take sewing or development classes, or you can read instructional exercises on utilizing fiberglass and wig styling.

On the off chance that you have no ensemble making capacities and need to cosplay immediately, it is likely better to commission it. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you have sufficient energy and need to make your ensemble then the assets are out there and numerous cosplayers will share tips!



There are chances in making a cosplay, regardless of the possibility that you don’t think it is hazardous. For one, a few materials are dangerous to your wellbeing (sap, shower paint) however there are additionally perils of consuming yourself with an iron or wounding yourself with a stick. However, it isn’t likely that any of these wounds will be serious! Simply make sure to peruse wellbeing data while attempting new things, and be careful around apparatuses and hot irons.



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