Easy Pumpkin Hat

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I whipped this up really quickly yesterday morning (about 10 minutes) because I knew Baby Geek wasn’t going to put up with wearing her costume all day.

I made this hat entirely out of scraps, but if you’re making this for an older child, you’ll need between 1/4-1/2 a yard of orange fleece (enough for 2 actually). I used scraps of jersey for the features and the leaves, but craft felt is easier to work with if you want to make proper appliques.

The truth is that if you’re making an item your child will only wear once in their life, shortcuts can make your life a lot easier. I will admit to cheating and hot gluing on the face and topper, but I will give directions on how to do it ‘properly’ for those of you looking to make a hat for a gift or that you expect to hand down.

Anyway, the easiest way to make this ‘pattern’ is to grab a hat that you know fits your child. If you don’t have one  hanging around, you will need to know the circumference of your child’s head. Fleece does have some horizontal stretch, but you don’t want kiddo swimming in the hat. The height of the hat is less of an issue if you guesstimate it, because you want a little bit up top anyway.

Anyway, the basics:
The band length should be the circumference of your kid’s head plus about 1/2 and inch for the seam allowance. You can also be a cheater like me and just glue the leaves and stem onto the top of the hat with a dollop  of hot glue. It’s really that easy.

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