Cosplay Event: Nepal Comic Con 2017

A large portion of the individuals who entered the premises spruced up for the occasion likewise took an interest in a Cosplay Competition that was being held at Heritage. The champs were allowed to take an interest in Indian Comic Con to be held in October and Rs 8,000 worth of prizes. A board of judges, including Japanese Ambassador to Nepal Masashi Ogawa, chose the victors.

Legacy Garden, Sanepa on Saturday turned into a center point for the enthusiasts of Batman, Deadpool, Wonder Woman, Luffy, Shanks, Queen of Pain, Pikachu, Jon Snow and Night King, among other dream characters.



Anime, manga, DC, Marvel and cosplay fans had dressed as their most loved characters and assembled at the principal Comic Con Nepal sorted out by Zerostar, a US-based organization, in relationship with Otaku Club Nepal.

Around 190 members had enlisted for the occasion over the time of one month. Rohit John Chettri playing out his hit melodies like ‘Bistarai’ and ‘Sannani’, among others, was the feature of the occasion.



Erina Maharjan, a secondary school understudy, had come dressed as Mercy from the amusement ‘Overwatch’, while Aprila Lama, a secondary school graduate, was dressed as the Queen of Pain from ‘Dota 2’.

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The occasion likewise had nourishment slows down, slows down for establishment, dolls, notices and shirts, while an enormous group could be seen thronging the face-painting and gaming slows down. Zerostar CEO/Director Anuj Pradhan stated, “The fundamental objective of the occasion was to feature the anime culture in Nepal. This is a stage for aficionados of anime and DC/Marvel hero films to intermix.”



Members of the occasion demonstrated their enthusiasm for positive fiction characters as well as for the wretched ones. Stuti Sharma, a post graduate understudy, had come as Bane from ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ with a DIY veil. “Despite the fact that this is my first time going to a comic con occasion, it feels like family while conversing with different members. We have to compose all the more such occasions later on with the goal that we can contend in global occasions.

“Ashim Rai, a +2 graduate, adored Corazon’s character from ‘One Piece’ from the minute he relinquished his life for Trafalgar Law. He had come dressed as Corazon and said the way of life of comic con was bit by bit spreading in Nepal. Apsara Subedi, a medical caretaker by calling, went to the occasion as Wonder Woman. She stated, “It is my fantasy to end up noticeably like her (Gal Galot). Occasions like these are fun and an awesome approach to blend with similarly invested individuals.”



Pradhan said Comic Con Nepal was enlivened by Japan and the USA. A ‘X-men’ fan himself, Pradhan included, “The comic con culture is colossal in the US. However, in Nepal, manga and anime fans don’t have a legitimate stage to demonstrate their rage or ability.”

Pradhan, later on, expects to advance privately made puppet outlines to build the deals and connection inside Nepal. “We are additionally anticipating compose amusement rivalries and Free Comic Books Day,” he included.


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