Halloween Cosplay Tips from Jonathan Stryker


“I’m gay and in secondary school. Folks would pursue me around, calling me a faggot, so I would sit at the rec center and read my comic books. That is the reason [cosplay] is so dear to my heart. I didn’t have a considerable measure of companions; I didn’t converse with anybody. It was a safe place for me. Cosplay [has given] me a considerable measure of certainty,” Stryker says.

Secondary school can be a merciless time, particularly in case you’re not some portion of the “prominent” group. Miamian Jonathan Stryker, known as J Stryker on Facebook and Instagram, whose cosplaying as of late circulated around the web internationally, was harassed amid his youthfulness. Cosplay gave comfort amid those forlorn years.



Brought up in Miami, Stryker, now 26, turned into a viral sensation when he discharged a progression of themed outfits via web-based networking media. The most recent seven day stretch of August, AKA “Disney Week,” he dressed as eight Disney characters: Aladdin, Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid, Emperor Kuzco from The Emperor’s New Groove, Milo from Atlantic: The Lost Empire, Flynn Rider from Tangled, Tarzan, Hercules, and Simba from The Lion King. Styker epitomized each of these characters with full clothing, cosmetics, wigs, and facial and substantial motions. His ensembles are handcrafted and so called. He says the procedure can take up to 20 hours.

After the overwhelmingly positive reaction, Stryker discharged a “Toon Network Week” ensemble arrangement and is amidst a “Halloween Month” arrangement, for which he has officially dressed as Beetlejuice and Gomez from The Addams Family. He says “Johnny Depp” and “Disney Villains” weeks are in progress.

Stryker says his two more established siblings propelled his enthusiasm for nerd and geek culture. “I ingested their geekiness,” he says with a snicker. In the wake of plunging into anime, videogames, and sci-fi, he discovered group in cosplay traditions. “I found these traditions where different geeks hang out. Everybody was spruced up. The general population were marvelous, and I could identify with them,” he says.



At the point when he’s not cosplaying, Stryker, a self-depicted hawker, sorts out two LGBTQ occasions a year in South Florida: Okama Con and Out Con. Moreover, he makes salary from Patreon, a crowdfunding makers’ stage, where he says individuals pay to see additional cosplay content he discharges. Presently, with the notoriety of his cosplay, Stryker says he’s possessed the capacity to make income from being welcomed as a visitor to traditions, for example, YaoiCon in California.

Notwithstanding accumulating cosplay fame, Stryker says he tries to be a performer. He has just secured a maker and recorded a solitary titled “Fucboi,” an electronic track he depicts as “exceptionally provocative. It spreads a message of body inspiration: Whatever you are, put yourself out there. It’s tied in with being a fuckboy and liking yourself and feeling provocative.” He intends to discharge the single when he achieves 100,000 adherents via web-based networking media.

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Last Halloween, Stryker spruced up as an attractive variant of Ash from the Pok√©mon establishment. For this Halloween, he says he hasn’t settled on an ensemble yet despite the fact that he has more than 100 outfits close by at home. Yet, he’s thinking about Johnny Depp characters. He says that while experimenting with one of his Depp looks, the similarity was so uncanny he terrified himself when he looked in the mirror.

Stryker offers three key tips for your Halloween outfit:

1. Love and epitomize your character. “You need to like the character. In case you’re not feeling it, you won’t typify that character. A considerable measure of my characters became a web sensation since I caught the character, notwithstanding getting the outward appearance without flaw. It’s not simply putting on the ensemble; it’s tied in with turning into that character: how they act, their face. Breath life into the ensemble.”

2. Ensure your outfit fits legitimately. “Try not to haul [a costume] out of a sack and put it on. Tailor it and utilize self clasping pins. On the off chance that it fits decent, you’ll can rest easy.”

3. Focus on the character. “In case you’re going for hot, go the distance. In case you will be a beast, go the additional mile and do the cosmetics. Turn into the character.”

4. Be sure. The greater part of all, Stryker says, sprucing up is tied in with resting easy. He says, “Express [yourself] imaginatively and share it with the world.”


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