Cosplay Katsucon 2017


made-by-kali The original plan for me was to show up Thursday night, so we could get our badges early, then show up bright and early Friday morning. We had to be back on Friday by 3pm so we could sign the new lease.

made-by-kali KATSUCON 2017

… long story short I get there at 4pm Friday, but we did manage to get the lease signed. We also went to get our badges Friday night because the rest of our party (Maura, Isaac, Curtis, Mike and Kiera) was still in transit from PA. Unfortunately, we didn’t really find anything of interest on Friday since I missed both the Naruto and Sailor Moon photoshoots.


Eventually we all got the group going and managed to get out the door around 10pm Saturday, which is good considering we tend to be slow in the morning.

Maura and Curtis were doing Firefly cosplay, Isaac was doing Dr. Who, Kiera was a miko of some sort and I was Lee. We were like the cosplay anti-group. I also brought along the baka-mallet.

katsucon cosplay

I was much more impressed by Saturday. The cosplay photo areas that were set up REALLY helped the traffic flow, as did the marked off seating spots. The volunteers were a lot more polite as well.

The dealer’s room was kinda lacking this year, not that it was Katsu’s fault. Everyone was just selling the same stuff, although I did get suckered into buying a K.K. Slyder plushie and some random Japanese yummies. The A.A. wasn’t that impressive at all, and that’s not my bitterness over the jackass running it talking.

Sometime before the Naruto shoot, my baka-mallet… died. Erectile Dysfunction. So I traded it in for my Phoenix Wright/Naruto cross-over art from

Anyways… Maura and I went off to the Naruto shoot while everyone else was watching “Steamboy”. We ended up taking over 300 pictures together, but I pruned it down to around 250.

We decided to stay for the Masquerade, which is unusual, because the last few I’ve been to have been dismal failures. This one, however, was worth every penny of my registration. I wish I had video of the entire audience singing the Jeopardy theme along with Gridlock the Transformer.

Curtis and Kiera watched the AMVs afterwards, but I was pooped so the rest of us went home to play with Gerry’s Wii. WarioWare on the Wii is BY FAR the most entertaining game I’ve played in a long time, and that includes my beloved Phoenix Wright and the previous WarioWares.

Sunday, Curtis and Kiera wandered off to go see the PeeLander-Z concert, while the rest of us went to breakfast. I broke down and bought Justice For All at Best Buy because I couldn’t wait for my birthday -_-; Isaac bought Bomberman and Maura bought a game which I can’t remember at the moment. Everyone else bailed Sunday evening, but I stayed over until Monday.

Kiera has suggested some Scrapped Princess cosplay for Otakon. I haven’t seen the series, but it sounds like a reasonable idea. Plus, I’m trying to convince others they want to do Phoenix Wright cosplay with me (I’m still working on Edgey).


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