Stylish Take on Cosplay With Hijab

Wearing a hijab ought not ruin one’s upscale attack into cosplay, which can be related with suggestive styles.In actuality, it allows Muslim ladies to get inventive, as long as it keeps religious esteems.

The mettle to join cosplay with Muslim clothing drew Amalina Hamzah, 22, to experiment with cosplaying, yet in a hijab.Amalina is one of the main cosplay fans in the nation to start off the hijab cosplay marvel here. The Kuala Perlis style-setter, who passes by the name Miisa MHC in Instagram and Kawaii Miisa on Facebook, is incredibly famous.

She said her plan to join cosplay and Muslim clothing began a year prior when she ended up captivated by the outfits worn by anime characters.

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“The look is adorable and wonderful… at first I was considering, as though I will remove my tudung? So I changed my ‘haircut’ to suit anime characters with my tudungs.

“Besides, nowadays, there are a wide range of kinds of tudungs which can be styled in different designs. So it’s not hard to change your haircut to emulate a Japanese anime character, in truth it’s less demanding on the grounds that tudungs arrive in a range of hues,” she said.

She has more than 5,000 Instagram and Facebook adherents, however concedes that at first her folks were exceptionally against the thought.

“Initially they were not agreeable to the idea, but after a while they said ‘okay’. However, they always advise me to be cautious with such a hobby,” she said.

Amalina admitted that she has received mixed reactions from people on social media, with some claiming it’s an abomination to her religion.

“It’s just a hobby, I only choose certain characters which are not sexy, and it’s not like I’m wearing it every day.

“Besides that, I’m just doing it as an individual and not a member of any clubs. I just enjoy taking pictures,” she said.

Currently she has five different cosplay outfits in her collection which include Touken Ranbu, Naruto Shippuden, Miss Kobayashi’s Maid Dragon and Twin Star Exorcists.

Amalina added that she has spent almost RM2,000 on all her cosplay outfits, mostly from online websites, some from as low as RM100 and some more than RM300.


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