The Experience of Being a Cosplayer

Japanese-style ensemble play and anime are entertaining. It additionally can be life-sparing and give a solid pay.

That is the thing that enthusiasts said Saturday at the SakuraNatsu Japanese Art Festival and Anime Convention in Gainesville.

“My story is somewhat disastrous,” said Haley Shepard, clarifying the challenges she confronted. “… anime was my escape. It was a radical new world and it made tracks in an opposite direction from getting into awful things like medications. I got into cosplay (ensemble play) and anime and it has been totally astonishing.”

Her companion Parker Atkinson got into it since she was timid.

“My first tradition, I passed without anyone else. The second I strolled in individuals got me and stated, ‘You’re accompanying us,” Atkinson said. “Presently I have companions everywhere. It’s an awesome diversion and stress alleviation. What’s more, it’s an inventive outlet.”

SakuraNatsu was begun by understudies at Oak Hall School intrigued by the Japanese specialties of manga comic and realistic books, anime movement and the outfit play — cosplay — that became out of them.

A large portion of those going to Saturday’s celebration were in ensembles, which included Pokemon characters, servants, whimsical creatures, warriors and some more, that would have no importance to the uninitiated yet they talked a dialect to those aware of everything.

SakuraNatsu fellow benefactors Lindsay Bolton and Marya Ali said this is the second year of the celebration and it drew fans from Georgia and all through Florida. It included moves by people and gatherings in front of an audience, a mold appear, a cosplay challenge and taiku drumming.


“We are endeavoring to make it not quite the same as other anime traditions since we might want to share the excellence and motivation of Japanese culture with whatever is left of the Florida people group. We’ve consolidated parts of the conventional celebrations of Japan alongside the more prevalent Japanese culture,” Ali said.

Included Bolton, “A great deal of what we do is supported by our abroad backers. It’s truly astonishing that we got the chance to associate with such a significant number of individuals around the globe — Japan, Australia, London.”

Another Japanese-enlivened occasion is planned for March 31 when the Japanese Club at the University of Florida, which was spoken to Saturday, holds Haru Matsuri — meant spring celebration in English.


Huge numbers of those going to Saturday said they have created kinships with fans from their own particular town and school to worldwide by going to celebrations and traditions.

Libby Rodriguez of Gainesville, who was wearing turquoise contacts to coordinate her hair and garments, is a piece of a tap move troupe — Noise Complaint — that performs at cosplay celebrations.

A current celebration in Fort Lauderdale was enormous, she said.

“On Saturday, there were such a large number of individuals, the line to get in was numerous, many squares,” Rodriguez said.

Her dad, Gonzalo Rodriguez of Gainesville, takes everything in walk.

“It’s extraordinary,” he said.

It’s gold for Belle Starenchak of Ocala. She drove her Pokeman adorned Volkswagen Beetle to the celebration and set up a table offering plushie Pokemon characters that she makes.

Starenchak said she is in the Guinness Book of World Records for her Pokemon collectible gathering — more than 6,000 things. She is absolutely into the scene.

Saturday’s celebration was pleasant for a little tradition, said Starenchak, adding that she is utilized to occasions that draw 80,000 individuals.

“I’m a cosplayer — I have more than 80 outfits. I’ve been doing this for a long time, and I’m 41,” Starenchak said. “It has completely ejected since I began. Japanese culture arrived, and everyone likes to escape reality.”


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