When Male Transform into Kawaii Girl Cosplay



On the off chance that you need to end up noticeably a geisha, maiko, samurai or prostitute, sexual orientation is no hindrance at this Asakusa photograph studio.

It wasn’t long prior we informed you regarding Nanairo, the photograph studio in Asakusa that made a mind boggling showing with regards to of turning our own one of a kind Mr. Sato into a sword-using samurai warrior. The change was impressive to the point that it wasn’t well before another of our journalists, Nakazawa, uncovered his fantasy for an Edo-style makeover. Just this time he needed to shed his nerdy male persona and feel wonderful for a change so he picked to dress like an attractive oiran prostitute.

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While the male prostitute bundles are not some portion of their standard designs, the experience can be uniquely masterminded by earlier arrangement. When you touch base on the day, you’ll invest some energy in the hair and cosmetics seat before being wearing a spectacular kimono and haori (customary kimono coat), trailed by a thirty-minute photograph shoot in a delightful space intended to resemble a room in the joy quarters.



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